Spring flowers are
the winter dreams
told on the mornings
at angels table.

Khalil Gibran

Hi, I am Stefania,

I was born and grew up in Riparbella, a small and nice village in Pisa province, surrounded by nature and flowers which during childhood became my best playing friends. Thinking about it now, passion for flowers has always been a family affair: my aunt ,when I was a child, used to grow flowers and small vegetables plants in her greenhouse to sell them at the market.

Also my very first job was in the flower field: once graduated I worked in a plant nursery for one year where I learnt a lot.

My studies then took me away from the flowers and brought me to the accounting field up to year 2018 when I decided I was ready to change my life. Four years ago , on December 2016, a simple advertising poster on a calligraphic course with the use of the nib and floral arrangements has decided my future.

I would always be grateful to my very first teacher, Mrs Lieta Cima, to let me discover my inner essence , the real myself and what I would like to become.

From that day on, I started to attend various courses, meetings and the Federfiori school to start lately with my first works picking up flowers from my garden : that is where my logo “Dal Giardino di Stefania” (From Stefania’s Garden) comes from.

I felt inside this was the right way to be followed . It is not that easy to start from the beginning again but I am very determined and thank to my passion for flowers I am trying to pass over difficulties every day. I firmly believe world is seeking for beauty, that same beauty which can be reached by flowers with their simplicity and colors with all emotions they can give.

From 2019 I follow my hearth, and my passion has become my job. I am located in Cecina where I also live but I work on entire Tuscany also as a freelance florist, supporting on demand other colleagues.

I have not a shop because I decided not to close my passion into walls but exploring, traveling to give space to new ideas to insert various natural elements and different materials.

I like so much picking up from the countryside and the woods where I share my childhood, preferring when I can, seasonal elements.